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Anderson Pittsburgh haunted

Anderson Manor


Anderson Manor was built circa 1830 (additions were added to the house in 1905). Colonel James Anderson, who lived at this house, was the man from whom Andrew Carnegie (1835–1919) borrowed books during his formative years. Anderson opened his personal library of 400 volumes to working boys each Saturday night, and helped start the first library in the area. The house was added to the List of Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Historic Landmarks in 1989.

In it's later years, Anderson Manor became many things, including a hospice.  Recently, it has been claimed by the Manchester Historical Society.

The staff and guests of Ghosts N'at have had several paranormal experiences at Anderson Manor.  One evening guests were poked in the back by an unseen entity on the third floor.  Unusual anomalies have been captured on camera in the front sitting room, and EVPs run rampant throughout the building!  This is a true HAUNTED MANSION!

Pittsburgh, Pa - Manchester District

Pittsburgh's most haunted house

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