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Hotel Conneaut

In 1893 Businessmen of the Exposition Park Co. built a new resort hotel on a lake front parcel of property on the southern end of what was then known as Exposition Park. As the new resort began to grow and prosper, so did the need for higher end accommodations. In 1902, construction began on the rebuilding of the Exposition Hotel into the new Hotel Conneaut. While most of the original hotel was demolished, one wing was retained and reused in the new hotel, and still stands to this day.


On April 29th 1943 the hotel was struck by lightning and the resulting fire destroyed more than half the roof. Unable to obtain permission to replace the damaged roof due to World War II, the damaged section was demolished.


The Hotel has seen a lot of happiness and tragedy over the years. It boasts stories from guests and staff of paranormal activity documented throughout the hotel's history - including the Ghost Bride Elizabeth.

The Hotel was featured on an episode of Paranormal State on A&E.  The staff and guests of Ghosts N'at have captured phantom voices, partial apparitions, doors opening and closing & more!  Come spend the night in the haunted Hotel Conneaut!


Conneaut Lake, PA

Video recap of the Ghosts N'at event at the Hotel Conneaut with Dustin Pari from the hit SyFy Channel TV show Ghost Hunters! Our guests got to meet Steve and investigate the hotel with him!

"Ghost Hunters" Event at Hotel Conneaut

A&E's Paranormal State at

the Hotel Conneaut

A&E's hit TV show Paranormal State hunt ghosts at the Hotel Conneaut!