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Nemacolin Castle

Nemacolin Castle, also known as Bowman Castle is one of several large buildings of the 1850s (In this case, the site holds part of Fort Burd;the well dug by the Fort Burd soldiers) still standing in western Pennsylvania.

Likely more than 1,200 years before construction of the fort, trading post or castle, prehistoric indigenous peoples had also found this site a strategic one. They built the earthwork mounds which the colonists called Redstone Old Fort. Fort Burd was built on top of its sandstone base.

Three generations of the Bowman family were the only ones to live in the house/castle. Jacob Bowman and his wife started building the first part of the structure some time around 1789, with a trading post on the ground floor and one room above. Finding they needed more room, they added a broad hallway. They had nine children.

Paranormal claims have surrounded the castle for many years. It was featured on the Bio Channel TV show "My Ghost Story"We have experienced paranormal phenom inside the castle including phantom footsteps, EVPs,


Brownsville, PA

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